Discontinued Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Many times, you try to find a part for your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan, the reason behind it is that the part you are trying to locate is hard to find online. Why is that? The answer to this question can raise the question of how old is your fan. Lowe’s or Home Depot does not manufacture Harbor Breeze, but they carry these fans on their outlets. It has become a popular brand in these retail stores. The chain usually carries the newest models. However, if you are using a fan that is 10 years old, there is a great chance that it will be discontinued. There is a slight chance when you have a 5-year-old fan, it may be discontinued.

Discontinued fans can make it hard for you to locate the replacement parts for your unit with each passing year. This rule is applied to almost every appliance keeping in view the consumer world trends these days. Many Harbor Breeze fans are available in the price tag of $100, so most homeowners or users prefer to change the fan if there is a problem with it. If you have spent hours in order to find a replacement part, contacted the chains mentioned in this article, calling them on phone numbers and in vain, it may be time to move on and get a new model.

We have listed the phone numbers of the Harbor Breeze’s manufacturer, Litex. You should contact Home Depot customer support as well as Litex support. Lastly, you can find the manual that came with the package and see if it contains a part number.

If you are not able to succeed with both methods, you might have to consider a replacement.

Where Can I Get Discontinued Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans?

After doing a lot of research, I found out that you can get Harbor Breeze ceiling fans that are discontinued from eBay, Amazon, and seconduse.com.

My recommendation is to choose eBay as they usually list second-hand ceiling fans there. The second place to go is Amazon to get the old ceiling fans. The last resort is the seconduse.com website it does have harbor breeze models listed there when I am writing this article.

Where can I find a list of discontinued Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans?

Here in this post, we have listed some of the ceiling fans that have been discontinued by Harbor Breeze. We will update the list over time. If you want help with a discontinued Harbor Breeze fan, and the model is not listed here, you can tell us about it by publishing a comment here. We will publish the names of them over time.

Harbor Breeze Armitage

Harbor Breeze Barnstaple Bay

Grand Bay Ceiling Fan

harbor breeze grand bay ceiling fan

Harbor Breeze Tilghman

Harbor Breeze Ocracoke

Lynnhaven ceiling fan

Harbor Breeze Bellevue

Harbor Breeze Tahoe

Montclair Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Montclair Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Classic

Harbor Breeze Calera

Oceanside Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Cheshire

Harbor Breeze Ocracoke

Oyster Cove Ceiling Fan

Harbor Breeze Pawtucket ceiling fan

Harbor Breeze Platinum Wakefield 52-inch Guilded Espresso Indoor fan

Poets Cove

Lac Aprin

Harbor Breeze Dubois ceiling fan