Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Globes

You may face the same issue while changing the light bulb on your Harbor Breeze fan or any other brand’s unit, you may get tired and it may cause the globe to fall out and smash on the floor. Now what are you going to do? Where do you find a Harbor Breeze glass globe replacement? It is a very common problem that many users face from time to time, whether you are using the same brand or any other, whether you are a house owner or running a business.

So, what will you do when your glass globe or shade gets smashed? It is another question that we usually get in the comments. Unluckily, sometimes you might be thinking when it comes to changing a light bulb on your ceiling fan or lighting fixture that you need an extra pair of hands. However, you may get this realization a little bit late. The reason is you have already smashed the globe on the floor so what is next?

It is almost impossible to repair the globe or shade so it is not an option. This is only possible in situations when it gets only one crack or breaks in the globe or shade. However, it hardly happens, as you might have faced this situation as well.

The web has multiple sources to locate a replacement Harbor Breeze Glass Globe. One of these sources is E-bay. The reason is that Harbor Breeze fan parts are only present firsthand, in most cases at Lowe’s and Home Depot.

Some online retailers may claim that they also have replacement parts but they often do not have them. You might be able to find some parts on Amazon too.

E-bay is the second place to find the Harbor Breeze globes as you will see that these parts are resold by the homeowners second hand. It is the cause that they have the marketplace for them too. It is the last option to consider.

Here are the contacts and phone numbers we suggest you try, only one at a time, if you want to find a replacement Harbor Breeze glass globe or shade:

  • Customer support of Home Depot
  • Lowe’s customer support
  • Home Depot’s Community Forum
  • Customer support of Litex (manufacturer of Harbor Breeze)

Which Harbor Breeze Glass Globe do you need?

If these sources have failed you, please leave a comment below and send us the details of it:

  • Make and model of your ceiling fan
  • The part number of your broken shade or globe as well as of your fan.
  • What sources you have used already to get a replacement part.