Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Parts

It can be hard to find replacement Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts online. A lot of websites say that they contain the parts, but when you visit the website that claims that the part is available there, it turns out they do not have it. The cause behind it is that harbor breeze replacement parts are only sold in some stores. You need to keep in mind that these fans are the store brand of Lowe’s and Home Depot. It is the first place to go when you need parts for any Harbor Breeze fan. In most cases, there is a great chance that you buy the fan from there as well, so it will be wise to contact them for getting replacement parts.

If you purchased the fan last year, it is also possible that the part is covered under the warranty. To learn more about it, you should visit the Harbor Breeze warranty page to get support and get your questions answered regarding warranty redemption when required.

You should know that we are not the manufacturer, that is why you cannot get help from us in terms of warranty claims. However, we can guide you in the right direction to get the warranty help from the manufacturer of the company that is, Litex (also manufactures Hampton Bay ceiling fans).

The most common Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts that one can search for as a replacement can be replacement light kits, replacement ceiling fan blades, and replacement glass globes or shades.

The question is why these are the most common items to get a replacement for your Harbor breeze fan? The answer is, the blades can bend or warp over time. Light globes or shades can be smashed on the floor due to falling and it can happen when you are changing them (you might wish to get an extra pair of hands there). Lastly, light kits can stop working suddenly and after troubleshooting it, you might be thinking to change the light kit.

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes can be another part that may need replacement. The reason is, they can get misplaced, broken, or lost. if you are having trouble with your remote, you can check and read our troubleshooting frequently asked question (FAQ) section on how to troubleshoot ceiling fan remotes – you’ll be happy to read it!