Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting

The fan will not turn on

You need to do these things in order to find out when your fan will not turn on. if your fan is not turning on, not working or not turning etc. then you should consider these steps which we have discussed below:

  • Firstly, check and ensure that the controls on the fan are set correctly and working. Is a control broken? Check and ensure that none of the switches or controls on the fan are pushed the wrong way. If it has a pull chain, and the remote has stopped working, use the pullchain to control it.
  • If your ceiling fan contains a reverse switch, make sure it’s seated correctly. You have to make sure it should either be in forward or reverse rather than in the middle. If it is not working on the reverse setting, go with the normal setting or vice versa.
  • Change the batteries inside the remote if the fan comes with a remote control.

The light will not turn on

If the fan as well as the lighting fixture have stopped working, the culprit can be the wiring or there is a connection problem. Take down the fan canopy (you can lower it down without taking it down entirely from the ceiling, but it varies from fan to fan. To find out, you have to be gentle).

To get more details, you can go through our wiring guide in order to check, investigate and troubleshoot the wiring of ceiling fan. Ensure that all the wires are properly connected. You have to use a multimeter to find out if there is a power in it. Make sure that the white wire is linked with the light kit and the fan – to check it out, you have to access the switch housing.

The light is working but the fan isn’t working

In this case, you will have to inspect the black wire inside the canopy. Usually, the issue is with the black wire as it becomes loose. If it is connected, check what it connects to. Also, inspect the other wires to find out if there are any loose or disconnected ones.

Are the fan blades turning properly? If they are not stuck, it means that they need oiling. Only some fans need to be oiled, you need to read our ceiling fan oiling guide to get more information. There is a chance that something is stopping the blades.