Harbor Breeze Light Kits

Harbor Breeze light kit can be a special addition to your current ceiling fan which introduces beauty and functionality at the same time. The most common reason for the addition of a lighting fixture is due to the lack of light in the room. This prevents you from getting a separate lamp. As a ceiling fan is installed on the ceiling, it provides ample light as compared to a floor or table lamp. When selecting a lighting fixture, you should select different lamp shades that can work with it.

If the shade or bulb is damaged, you have to change the light kit. The size and shape of the light kit can be different. Harbor breeze ceiling fan light kits can be available at low as $25. This cost of lighting fixture is very affordable. The most common finish among them is the white matte finish. After going through the online listings, you will see a lot of different light kits with different finishes.

Here’s a picture of an alabaster light kit that you can install to your current fan. this light kit also has a pull chain too.

Light kits are one of the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts that you may need for your model. In order to get the direct replacement of your current lighting fixture, you may have to get the part number. The light kit does have a part number on it, or you can also check it in the manual of the fan. apart from that, you can reach the Harbor Breeze customer service by contacting Lowe’s. You will get help from them to locate replacement parts.

Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan
Here’s a picture of a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan that is equipped with a light kit. This is the Harbor Breeze Mazon ceiling fan, with its 44 inch blade span. When you perform a search, you will find Harbor Breeze ceiling fan light kits at Amazon and Lowe’s. on the other hand, you can also consider a fan with light such as Mazon.

The installation of Harbor Breeze Light Kits is also easy. With its low price and easy-to-install feature, they can prove to be affordable and replaceable things. Alternatively, you can also install a light kit to your existing fan if it supports it. have a look at the instruction manual that came with the package to determine whether it is adaptable with a light or not. You may get suggestions about lights kit for your Harbor Breeze fan and preferred options.

Where can I get a replacement Harbor Breeze Light Kit?

The best place to start with is Amazon, it offers a lot of listings, and here are some recommendations to check. You need to keep in mind that it can be hard to find replacement light kits for Harbor Breeze. Most retailers do not have it. other options that you can use:

  • To find out the part number associated with your original light kit, check the ceiling fan manual available in your package. If your unit is without a light kit, you should consider a universal light kit we have mentioned below.
  • You can contact Harbor Breeze customer support phone number to get help from them and they will locate a compatible light kit.
  • You can also leave the make and model of your fan in the comments along with more details. We will try our best to come up with a recommendation.
  • We will also check online if there is a compatible light kit for your model.  
Harbor Breeze Mazon Ceiling Fan
It is hard to locate a replacement Harbor Breeze light kit online, unless you’re browsing our website or Lowe’s website. These places can help you with it. Harbor Breeze fans are available for around $100, so it would be better option to replace the whole fan if the light kit is no longer working, damaged or broken.

Universal Harbor Breeze Light Kits

If your fan is 3 years old, it may be a hard task to locate a light kit that is compatible with your fan. In this case, the ideal option is to get a universal light kit that can be attached to your unit. As long as your fan supports a light kit, you can get the light kit from the manufacturer (same brand). You have to do some research to determine whether your fan is light kit adaptable or not. It can be done by reading your manual. If you are not able to find the manual, check the light kit assembly if it is available in the center of the fan. It may be located behind a decorative cover.