Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Not Working?

If your Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote not working, troubleshooting Harbor Breeze remote will make it functional again and we have given the best solutions that would help you to fix them. You need to scroll down to find your problem and a solution according to that problem and we have covered all the issues to fix the problem.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Light Stays On

When the remote’s button is stuck and remains in the pressed position, it causes the ceiling fan remote light to remain on. To fix them, press them again slightly to free them from this stuck position.

If you are not able to turn off the light with the previous method, then you need to access the back side of the remote to get access to these rubber buttons and ensure that the rubber contact of the switches is not stuck.

In case, they are stuck on a contact, you have to check them one by one to free them. In order to clean the contact points, you may have to use a little alcohol to remove dirt or grime preventing the button to stay in touch with the switch. After doing this, reassemble the remote and check if the remote light turns off.

If the issue still persists after going through these methods, then it is time to get a replacement remote. read our article listed below on how to get a Harbor Breeze remote replacement.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Not Responding To Remote Control

If your Harbor Breeze model is not responding to the remote control then the problem can be with the receiver. It is either a burnt-out receiver, loose wire within the receiver, or your remote control needs to go through a reset or resync process.

You can find the receiver unit within the ceiling fan housing near the ceiling. If you are thinking about getting a new one, you should turn off the power reaching the fan first before you get started with dismantling and reinstalling of the new unit. Even if you want to check the wiring to see the contacts, then you must switch off the electricity first, otherwise we recommend get a certified electrician to do it.

If your remote needs reset or resync then check our article on ‘How Do I Reset My Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote’ on our website in which we have discussed this process in detail.

Another thing to ensure is that the remote signal must reach the receiver of the fan. When you operate the remote, make sure you stay close to the fan. It is necessary to avoid any obstructions or interferences affecting the signal.

What Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Battery Size You Will Need?

The Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote control uses a battery size of an A23 12-volt battery.

If you have a universal remote then battery size can be different. Some universal remotes from Harbor Breeze are designed to use AAAA and the rest may use a 9 volt battery, so you need to read the manual of your ceiling fan or remote to learn about it.

How to Get a Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Remote Replacement

My first recommendation to find Harbor Breeze replacement remote is Amazon, you can simply use the terms Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remotes and you will get the options to select from.

We have also listed some best options for you in our article on Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Replacement Parts.

The next place you can check is Lowes, as they are the main distributor, or check Litex Industries as they manufacture Harbor Breeze ceiling fans.

My first recommendation is to go through Amazon first as it contains not only Harbor Breeze remotes but also has a listing of universal remotes that can work with your ceiling fan. The options will be available in different price tags including expensive and cheap. As compared to Lowes, they have a lot of replacement remotes there.

To learn about the unit, you should go through the seller’s description whether that model will be compatible with your model of Harbor Breeze ceiling fan or not. The price tag is also reasonable and the rest will be done by the reviews. You will be able to make up your mind as the real users will review it how successful the remote was and the experience.

If you have access to another remote of the same model, brand or universal unit, you can also check whether your harbor breeze fan remote stopped working or the receiver.