Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Blades

It is hard to find replacement ceiling fan blades for any ceiling fan. The cause behind it is, you have to find the part that is compatible with the bolt pattern as well as the style of the fan. Most of the time, many house owners simply change all of the blades as it will not waste a lot of time to get a set of blades instead of finding the specific blade for your Harbor Breeze fan model.

The first thing you will do is to get replacement blades from the store where you originally bought the unit, or the ceiling fan manual. You will be able to find the part number to replace the fan blades. The first challenge you can face is finding the part number. If you are able to find it easily, it is good. If failed, you will have to contact the customer support phone numbers for Lowe’s, Litex or Home Depot. We have listed their phone numbers on this helpful Harbor Breeze website, so you can use them to contact them, it includes the manufacturer of Harbor Breeze. The manufacturer is Litex but Lowe’s and Home Depot are the house brands of the brand which carry Harbor Breeze in their stores.

How can I find the part number I need for the replacement Harbor Breeze ceiling fan blades?

This is another question that we receive all the time. Here are the steps to find the part number for the existing blades are:

  • Find and check the original manual that came with the package
  • Contact Lowes or Home Depot customer support by calling them to ask them for the part number and/or where to find replacement blades
  • Call the manufacturer of the brand, Litex
  • Visit your local store

There is a chance that you may have to get generic third-party ceiling fan blades to satisfy the need. Another thing to make sure of is the right length, and the correct screw pattern and change all of them instead of replacing just one or two that are having issues.