Harbor Breeze Pull Chains

All ceiling fans cannot be controlled through a remote, older fans can be controlled by pull chains. Pullchains are similar to what they are called, a chain to pull on that controls the fan. When you use it, your fan usually turns on at the first speed, and then pulling it again would take it to the second speed, or reverse it. There can be more than one as well. If the remote of the fan stops working, they come in handy. Some people consider using them because when you use them in a proper way, you do not have to go through remote troubleshooting. The only downside of them is that they are not as convenient as a remote.

If your Harbor Breeze fan contains a short pull chain, you will find it difficult to access them. Ultimately, they are not as easy to use as a remote. a remote can malfunction; a pull chain can also snap off the fan if you try to pull them too hard, prevent them from hanging too low, as the children or even your pets can damage it if it is hanging too low. Also, if it is very low, people will bump into it – believe me it does happen.

Pull chains also contain football in them too even though if you do not like football, you have to admit it seems beautiful. This makes it attractive for kids and you can use them in their rooms.

Pull chains are a good backup that you can use if the remote is misplaced. If your fan is older, there is a high chance that the receiver has stopped working on the fan – you can experience it too. In this case, pull chain can work as an option. This way you do not have to deal with remote or receiver replacement, the pull chain does not fail easily.

If you need a replacement pullchain like any other Harbor Breeze parts, we have listed some options for you on this page.

How Can Harbor Breeze Pull chains get broken?

  • The kids can pull on the chain too hard (it happens)
  • You did this to them (pulled on the chain too hard)
  • Your wife or husband did it (pulled on the chain too hard and blamed it on the children)
  • Wear and tear – eventually the connection of chain can simply get lost with its mounting point.

Fortunately, you can replace a pull chain for a few dollars, so it is more budget-friendly than a remote right?

Here are some options, just click on them and you will be able to access them.